"Coming into A.A. as young people, we found that there were common challenges to face. In the beginning, we often feel we are to young to be alcoholics... Being young in the everyday world we face peer pressure, stressful relationships with our parents, and parties being a way of life... These are hard realities for young people in A.A. In A.A. we have found a way of life that helps us deal with everyday stress and peer pressure; and that life is better and more fun without alcohol. We also see that we develop closer relationships the longer we stay sober."


- P-4 Young People and A.A

san antonio

YP Open Discussion

102 Thames Dr. San Antonio, Tx

Mondays at 8:15pm


Young & Done

8900 Starcrest Dr. San Antonio, Tx

Thursdays at 8pm


Saturday Night Live YP Speaker Meeting

6900 West Ave. San Antonio, Tx

Saturdays at 7pm


New Hope 

9560 Potranco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78251

Thursdays at 7pm

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