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Refunds for this conference are only available until 10PM on the first night of the conference, after that, your contribution will be converted to a scholarship or be absorbed into the conference budget.


  • If there is any damage to the cabin, everyone in that cabin will be held responsible.

  • Checkout is at 12PM on Sunday.  Please remember to leave this place better than you found it.

  • There is no smoking allowed in the cabins (this includes vapes of ANY kind).  If there is smoke coming from your cabin, we will assume you are on fire and we will PUT YOU OUT!

  • No loud music in the cabins after 10PM.

  • Pick up your cigarette butts.  SERIOUSLY. Don't make us get real.



The topic of safety is important at TQCYPAA. Remember that we are all responsible. We come to TQCYPAA to see old friends, make new ones and most importantly carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to the newcomer experiencing this for the first time. Please be mindful of what is going on around you. If at any time you feel unsafe please find a member of the host committee or advisory. TQCYPAA is a safe space and holds a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any sort.

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